Your business is guaranteed new, extra business that doesn't interfere with your existing business!* This is fill in business. No discounting needed and without any upfront, out of pocket cost using our Risk-Free Trial Period! We have been in business for over 38 years and are A+ rated by the St Louis Better Business Bureau. Scan the articles below to see what the Enhanced Networking Trade Exchange Refferral Group is and discover why Business Owners readily join.  Also see the examples below**.

* Don't stop what you are already doing!  Use this concept until your Business Productivity is where you want it!

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As A Candidate for the Enhanced Networking Trade Exchange coming on board you understand:

 1. This is extra business you will receive because you are a member of the Trade Exchange!
 2. This new/extra business doesn't interfere with your existing business!
 3. Receiving Credit Dollars for your profit is better than not receiving extra business on your schedule and net/extra profit.
 4. Credit Dollars can be spent like cash with other members of the Trade Exchange!
 5. And Credit Dollars can easily be converted into cash, Dollar for Dollar, through the, Networking Group!
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What Is The Enhanced Networking Trade Exchange?  

The Enhanced Networking Trade Exchange is a Clearing House to help Members easily transact new business with each other. Exchanges have been created across the country for over 50 years.  In 1982 Congress passed the TEFRA Act which put Trade Exchanges on par with other 3rd party record keepers, such as Banks and Credit Card Companies in which financial activity is reported on 1099b forms.  Even if your company has only used a Bank, Credit Union or a Credit Card Company, Trade Exchanges are working for their Members and are here to stay!

A Trade Exchange helps Members to increase their cash flow and improve productivity by using its own currency and also Federal Reserve currency, to develop and expand Business.  Members can list their Products and Services for part U.S. Dollars and part Credit Dollars.  Members collect the Variable Cost* of doing this new business in cash, credit card or checks and take the markup in Credit Dollars rather than not receiving this new, extra business. The buyers go out of their way to purchase what they need from other Members because they save cash by using Credit Dollars to pay the Markup Cost of their Purchases instead of cash.  The Exchange charges a 10% transaction fee when members spend their Credit Dollars.  There is no fee charged when earning Credit Dollar sales.  Transactions are done similar to Credit Card transactions, with a monthly statement.  Find out how the Enhanced Networking Trade Exchange can easily double your company's Net Cash Profits!  This is a very creative way to increase your company's productivity. 

Our Trade Exchange is unique to other Trade Exchanges because we allow the seller to collect their Variable Cost of doing business in Federal Reserve currency and receive their markup in Enhanced Networking currency called “Credit Dollars”.

Our Members have no cash tied up in their Credit Dollars.  Unlike Barter, Credit Dollars can be spent, like cash with other businesses both inside (and outside) of the Exchange.  Or their Credit Dollars can be converted into cash, dollar for dollar, through our Enhanced Networking Referral Group.  There is no need for our Members to go on hold, or over-charge each other.  We are no longer charging a membership or monthly service fee, so now is the time to give us a try!  Please sign up online at your earliest convenience.  You can quit the Exchange at any time.

Our Trade Exchange has been enhanced with the incorporation of its own Networking Referral Group.  This allows us to refer cash business to each other and to get paid for making referral connections happen.                             

For Clarification:

*Variable Cost: The cost of a small increase for new/extra business.  Some Variable Costs are sales tax, cost of goods sold,
                          out sourcing and sales commissions.
     Fixed Cost: The costs that stay the same even with a small increase in new/extra business.  SomeExamples of Fixed Costs
                         are rent, utilities, salaries, taxes, insurance and depreciation of fixed assets.
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**Example: This is how our Members get additional business and have more cash.  If, for example, one of our members wants flooring for a property that they control (business or home) and perhaps $5,000 is the best bid that can be found.  Then, they will seriously consider the Enhanced Networking Member who installs flooring, because the flooring contractor Member agrees to take the job at the $5,000 estimate and is paid the Variable Cost of the Job (direct out-of-pocket costs) in cash, check, or credit card and where the installer’s markup/profit is paid by the Member buyer using Credit Dollars that they have collected.  By the way, Credit Dollars are a Federally Regulated currency used by the Exchange (and made available ever since the TEFRA Act of the United States Congress passed in 1982).

On a $5,000 flooring contract, the flooring contractor collects $3,000.00 in cash, 2,000 in Credit Dollars from the Member buyer, and $200.00 is paid from the Member buyer to the Exchange in US Dollars for processing their Credit Dollars.  The total cash outlay of the Member buyer is $3,200.00 on a $5,000.00 project with a cash savings of $1,800.00 that never leaves the Member buyer’s wallet.  The Member buyer acquired the 2,000 Credit Dollars because of work that they had received from Enhanced Networking Member Referrals that helped fill in any schedule losses or openings, and kept additional work flowing in.

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14 Reasons Why Enhanced Networking Members Join The trade Exchange:

  1. Your business will be part of a group of preferred businesses that are motivated to refer you new, extra
      business!  This is new business that you can turn away, if you feel it would interfere with your existing
  2. Enhanced Networking customers will go out of their way to do business with you! This improves your
      business backlog. 
  3. This New, Extra Business will come only to those who are Members of!
  4. After all the advertising, word of mouth and other promotions have gone as far as they can go,
      join the Enhanced Networking trade Exchange to capture additional profits! 
  5. You don't have to discount to get this extra business!  You pay only if Enhanced Networking helps build
      your business!
  6. Your business is better off having additional work for yourself and your employees (Higher Productivity)
     while collecting your profit in Credit Dollars that you can use for your business or personal
     expenses, rather than not receiving this additional business. In fact, you are taking control of your
     competitor's profits! 
  7. Credit Dollars, unlike barter can be spent like cash with other Exchange Members or converted into
     cash, dollar for dollar through The Enhanced Networking Referral Group! 
  8. Your business will be able to eliminate price and competition objections without price-cutting!
  9. Your business buys at cash cost and you can pay the difference with your zero cost Enhanced
      Networking currency!
10. Your Business will be paid a Substantial Cash Referral Commission for referring leads to members of
       The Enhanced Networking Exchange Referral Group.
11. can also minimize your cost of advertising! 
12. Use the Exchange to help resolve past due accounts!  
13. Use to give you (and your key employees) a reduction in taxes
      on purchases!  
14. Your business buys at cost and pays the profit in the job with zero cost Enhanced Networking
  **Examples: You need to purchase Printing for $2,000.00.  The buyer pays the variable cost to the seller of $600.00 
                                                                                                                   cash which is the cost for paper, ink and sales tax. The
                                                                                                                   buyer saves $1,400.00 in cash by using their Credit 
               You need to purchase Accounting for $2,000.00. The buyer pays the variable cost to the seller of $200.00
                                                                                                  in cash (mostly services). The buyer saves $1,800. in
                                                                                                                  cash using their Credit Dollars!
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 You could be getting this new business starting today!   
 If you feel you are a candidate, go to to see our Online Video Presentation
 starting with the Online Introduction Presentation video, # 1.  Watch all the video's and join online, if you
 wish.  Should you have any questions, write them down as you go.  Then check our FAQ's or
 call 314-962-9222 and ask for Al if you need any help.  Once we receive the Trial Period Form we
 will help you with acquiring and using your Credit Dollars.  Thanks in advance for giving the
 Enhanced Networking Exchange Referral Group a try!
 If not, please let us know and we will remove you from our follow-up list.  We are the only company that we
 know of making this proprietary program available!
 Al Cochran, President
 John Barrett, Senior Associate
 The Enhanced Networking Trade Exchange
 314-962-9222 Office Call or Text
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                                                                                                And Many More!