The Top 16 Trade Secrets For Enhanced Networking Members:

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                    The Top 16 Trade Secrets For Enhanced Networking Members:*

                    Remember the Enhanced Networking Membership Has Its Privileges!

1. How to hold on to your cash flow and have customers coming your way, without discounting. BEFORE buying business or personal items, spend Credit Dollars and keep your cash. Check with ENE resources (Our Online Directory) or call ENE between 9 and 5, Monday through Friday at 314-962-9222. The more credits you spend, the higher theTrade Percentage you can take, the more credits you can get. 
2. How to get paid for referring new business to other Business Owners. That’s with The Enhanced Networking Group: Give a cash referral to a fellow ENE member and receive 80% of their credit dollar percentage in cash for an equal amount of your zero acquisition cost Credit Dollars.
3How to get other Business Owners to refer you cash business. That’s by using The Enhanced Networking group: You agree to give 80% of your Credit Dollar Percentage in cash for an equal amount of Credit Dollars for ENE members to refer you extra cash business. Enhanced Networking can also be used as a “Value Added Benefit* to your existing business owners.

4. How to double your Net Cash Profits without increasing your fixed or variable costs. Let’s assume your company’s net profit is 5%. That means that as owners of the company, you receive a $5,000 cash bonus on each $100,000 of new business. The amount of extra business needed to double the owner’s net profit depends on the type of business. For instance, is it (1.) An All Service Business, (2.) A Goods & Services Business, or (3.) Goods only? Most businesses can handle 10 – 30% or more business without increasing their Fixed overhead. For example: rent, utilities, salaries, etc.  So, the only other cost is the Variable cost: This would be: labor, sales tax, out-sourcing, tool rental, etc. The Variable cost for a service business could be very close to zero. The Variable cost of a Goods & Services business could range from 30.-70%. Goods only should be between 50-90%. For instance: A Service Company could increase its’ Gross Revenue by 5% and accepts 5,000 in Credit Dollars. The company net profit could jump from 5% on the 100,000 to 10% on a total of $105,000. It may take a company 1 month to receive $100,000 in revenue.  It’s easy to increase production by $5,000 in that same month. There is no increase in Fixed overhead and you are allowed by ENE to collect all of your Variable costs. Business Owners don’t have any cash tied up in Credit Dollars. When Members spend net credit dollars, they free up net cash flow.

5. How to eliminate Price and Competition objections without having to discount. This can be done by agreeing to accept a percentage of the project cost in cash and the remainder in “barter.” If you don’t need the barter item, it can usually be sold through ENE for part cash and part Credit Dollars.

6. How to earn ENE Credit Dollars with zero cash invested.  It is true for all credits earned.  They have no Fixed or Variable Cost in them.

7. How to buy almost any A: Service, B: Goods & Services, or C: Goods, at cash cost and pay the difference with your zero cost Credit Dollars! As long as the Product or Service you are wanting has competition. You can offer to pay the Variable cost in cash and trade the difference for something they may want or need. The benefit of the Exchange is you can use your Credit Dollars to obtain any Products or Services available within and outside of the Exchange.

8. How to buy Credit Dollars for as little as 10 cents on the dollar, cash. If you have a 50% Variable cost, you can agree to accept 40% cash instead of the 50%.  That means you have 10% tied up in your credits.  That would be cheaper than buying credits for 50 cents on the dollar.

9. How to use Credit Dollars to buy from companies and individuals that are not in the ENE cooperative.  See Answer #7.

10. How to give yourself and your employees a tax-free discount when purchasing a product or service for personal use. You and your employees can buy 1,000 Credit Dollars for $500.00 cash.  The savings of $500.00 is a Fair Market Discount made at arm’s length, therefore not a taxable event.

11. How to make your Advertising efforts work all the time.  Since you have zero-cost Credit Dollars, advertisers will accept Credit Dollars instead of not making a sale and getting nothing for their time, which is a perishable commodity. Your only cost is the 12% transaction fee. Your cash fees can be traded out by referring ENE needed new clients. Go to to see al list of the “Most Needed Categories. You can receive up to $75.00 in Credit Dollars to each qualifying referral that joins from this list. You need Surplus Net Credits* in reserve to make this concept possible.

12. How to pay your Trading Fee using Trade and Barter. This can be done by 1.) cash converting your Credit Dollars, 2.) Selling some of the barter you received when closing a sale.. 

13. How to turn your Credit Dollars into cash, dollar for dollar. See Answer #2

14. How to use ENE to resolve past due accounts. You can take barter from Past Due accounts and sell that barter for part cash, part Credit Dollars.

15. How to promote your business using your own Gift Certificates. You can sell your Gift Certificates for part cash, part Credit Dollars. Business Owners who buy them use these Gift Certificates to save cash and are returned to you as additional business.

16. How to purchase and sell large and small miscellaneous items for your business and personal needs using your Credit Dollars. This can be done using the ENE Online Portal to list what you are ready to sell.  You can offer to trade Part Credit Dollars and help sell the items faster.

Surplus Net Credits* These are credits that can’t be spent on business or personal expenses and also can’t  be converted into cash through “The Enhanced Networking Group.”  We use these credits to Advertise for FREE!

Value Added Benefit* You can add your own clients to your existing Enhanced Networking Group, without them joining or paying a fee to join. Any referrals you get them will be A Value Added Benefit to your existing client base.  

FREE MONEY Defined* Money earned by your business that has no Fixed or Variable cost of acquisition. Your lack of productivity turned into net currency! 

This is a sample of one of our members Networking list.


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