ENE. teaches ten concepts to make your business more successful. These concepts are the backbone of ENE.  Understanding and implementing these concepts will help you to maximize the benefits of your ENE membership.

1. Purchase discounted Credit Dollars before you spend cash.

A. Never pay full cash because you don't have Credit Dollars in your account or you have reached your credit limit. Credit dollars can be bought from ENE at a 50% discount.  Example: A $1000 purchase from an ENE member for 50% trade would only cost you $750 if you bought the credit dollars. Call ENE to buy credits.

B. You are more likely to spend credit dollars if they are in your account ahead of time.

2. Why should you spend Credit Dollars before you spend cash, even if you do not have Credit Dollars 
in your account?

A. If you spend your Credit Dollars first on things you were going to pay cash for, you free up cash which would allow you to raise your trade percentage making is easier for ENE to send you more customers.

B. You can earn Credit Dollars at zero cash cost.  Since ENE credits are earned through incremental extra business, it's not enough to increase your fixed costs.  Therefore, by collecting your variable cost (costs of goods sold) in cash and trading out the profit, your credit dollars have no cash tied up in them saving you 100% net cash when they are spent.

C. ENE does not charge interest on Credit Dollar loans so borrow what you need!

3. Use Credit Dollars for business expenses.

A. Realize you are the one who decides where you will make your purchases.

B. Find additional vendors who can provide you with the quality and service you need at a competitive price.  These vendors will also find you.  Help make that happen.

C. These vendors would be glad to join your trade exchange and accept Credit Dollars rather than see you continue to do business with their competitor.  This is why you joined.

D. ENE representatives would gladly talk to your vendors or potential vendors about accepting Credit Dollars rather than losing your business to a competitor. Credit Dollars are accounted as cash.  Example, if you spend $50 cash and 50 credits for a cash register repair, it's a $100 business expense.

4. Use Credit Collars for personal expenses.

 A. Do not avoid spending Credit Dollars personally!

 B. You can legally use trade for personal expenses and save cash.
 Example:  If you have a personal item which you have priced at a cash cost of $1000 and ENE has a member who  can provide you with the product or service at a cost of 500 cash and 500 credits, you can obtain this need at a  significant savings.  If you were to pay all cash for this expense, you would pay $1000 plus the withholding tax  estimated at 30%.  So, it would cost you $1300 to spend $1000 without the trade exchange.  If you where to use  your Credit Dollars for this personal expense you would save approximately $500, spending $800 cash rather than  the $1300 cash. Since, you earned your credit dollars a zero cost, you save approximately 88% net cash with ENE.

 C. If you have to buy the credits at 50% off, you still save 38% net cash.  

5. Use Credit Dollars for investment expenses.

 A. The same rules apply as for business and personal expenses.

 B. You can purchase and maintain real estate with credit dollars.


6. Convert your Credit Dollars into 100% cash.
 Members can convert excess Credit Dollars into cash by referring another member cash business.  If you refer a  $1000 cash customer to an ENE member who sells carpeting, the ENE carpet seller will give cash back to you for  this referral.   This is called "cash conversion".  This amount of cash back to you is determined to be the same as  the trade amount and is the same as the trade percentage.  Example:  If the carpet sellers trade percentage was  40%, you would receive $400 cash for a $1000 referral.  You then would give the carpet seller 400 of your ENE  credits.  You have now completed a cash conversion.  All parties benefit.  The carpet seller received a new cash  customer and some extra credit dollar profit.  You convert 400 credits into $400 cash.  Members and ENE must  know in advance of cash referrals. Members also have the choice of cash-converting 80% of their Credit Dollar  percentage.

7. Broaden your advertising budget using Credit Dollars.

 A. Since most earned Credit Dollars have no cash tied up in them, you should spend excess credit dollars on  advertising.  It's a business expense so deduct it.  The chance of return is much greater when you have no cash  at risk on speculative advertising.

 B. Anything available to you through your ENE membership is available for you to use in negotiation with an advertiser, such as trading gift certificates for a restaurant to an advertiser.

8. Double your sales closing ratio without discounting.

A. When trying to close prospects, try accepting partial barter for their product or service.  This strategy helps

eliminate price objections and the competition.  Even if you do not need their barter, ENE can sell the barter to

ENE members for part cash and part ENE credits.  ENE can credit your account or send you the money. * ENE


9. Using Credit Dollars for employee benefits.

A. Offer Credit Dollar use to your key employees.  You can sell these credits to employees at a 40 to 50% discount.  Tell them to come to you for their needs.  Some of the benefits you can offer to your employees include:

Restaurants, car repair, auto detailing, hair salons, dental, chiropractor, optical, attorney, vacations, etc. Click here to print out a Products and Services Sheet for employees.

B. You can order  ENE gift certificates for specified amounts.

C. You can offer these services to employees free to boost morale.  Employees will stay around when fringe benefits are good. You can pay increased salaries and overtime in credit dollars.  The tax withholdings will have to be paid in cash.

10. Enhanced Networking.

Start by understanding how "Givers Gain works". Focus on trying to get the other members of the group new business before you ask them to start sending you new business. There is no cost to join Enhanced Networking, you are encouraged, not required to attend the weekly meetings or bring leads to the group. You can also be listed under several categories. You will be paid a substantial cash referral fee to bring leads to the group. Check out the Enhanced Networking video for all the details.