The 14 Benefits To Being A Member Of The Enhanced Networking Exchange!

                                      One of the benefits is that it's now free to try!                 

                             Benefits to the Seller: (Since 1982, A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau).

 1. The seller gets New, Extra Business with no up-front Out of Pocket cost!
    This business will not interfere with your company's existing business.  Your business will be part of a
    group of  preferred businesses that are motivated to refer you new, extra business!
 2. There is no discounting needed to receive this new business which is also Supplemental Business!
    This is new business that you can turn away, if you feel it would interfere with your existing work!
    This is business you only get from fellow Business Owners, because you are a member of the group. 
 3. There is no out of pocket cost to receive this new business.  Your only cost is a 3-7% fee when you spend your Credit
    Dollars.  Expect at least a 5-10% increase in additional business.  There is no increase in fixed cost to receive this new
    business. Members are allowed to collect any variable cost (the outlay of any cash needed to get the job finished) and take 
    the Enhanced Networking currency rather than not getting this new business.  You are getting your competitor's profits
    under your control!  
 4. The Enhanced Networking members will Go Out of Their Way to do business with you!
    That's because they are purchasing at the cash cost and paying the difference with their Zero Cost Enhanced Networking
    Currency!  This improves your business backlog.  
 5. will also minimize your cost of advertising! 
 6. Enhanced Networking’s Currency can be converted into cash, dollar for dollar through
    The Enhanced Networking Referral Group. 
 7. Your Business will be paid a Substantial Cash Referral Commission for referring leads to
    members of the Enhanced Networking Referral Group, in exchange for an equal amount of
    your currency!   
 8. Now business can help resolve past due accounts! 
 9. Your business can Eliminate Price and Competition Objections without discounting!  You can barter a portion of the asking
    price and sell the barter through the Exchange, if not needed.  Usually the barter is sold for part cash and part
    Credit Dollars, which you can use! 
 10. Use to give you (and your employees) a tax free discount on purchases!  
11. Unlike other trade groups, none of our members ever have to go on hold!
Benefits to the Buyer:
 13. As a Buyer you can also benefit from benefits 1-12 when you are also a Seller!  
 14. Your business buys at cost and pays the (profit in the job) with zero cost Enhanced Networking currency! 
      You could be getting this new business starting today!  Simply follow the Online Presentation and Join online !  
  Examples: You need to purchase printing for $2,000.00.  As the buyer, you pay the variable cost to the seller of $600.00 in
  cash which is the cost for paper, ink and sales tax. The buyer saves $1,400.00 in cash by using their Credit Dollars.
  You need to purchase accounting for $2,000.00. The buyer pays the variable cost to the seller of $200.00 in cash
  (mostly services).  The buyer saves $1,800. in cash by using their Credit Dollars. 
  Go to to see our Online Video Presentation starting with the Intoduction video part 1.
  Watch all the video's and join online, if you wish.  If you have any question, write them down, as you go.  Then check our
  FAQ"s.  Call 314-616-3375 and ask for Al or Cheryl if you need any help.  Once we receive the Trial Period Form we will
  help you with acquiring and using your Credit Dollars.  Thanks in advance for giving Enhanced Networking a try.
  We are the only company that we know of making this proprietary program available!