Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How does taking Enhanced Networking currency for my profits help cash flow?

A: These are not your profits, these were your competitors’ profits that are now under your control!  Enhanced Networking Members provide New Prospects and Extra Business from Enhanced Networking Referrals. You spent zero additional fixed costs in obtaining these profits and your business collects any/all out of pocket costs associated with each new project in cash, check or credit card.  And you have no cash tied up in obtaining nhanced Networking Credits. These Credits are in fact, Net Credits held in Reserve at the Exchange for your business use!  Anytime your Credits are used on business expenses such as accounting, advertising, attorneys, business equipment, entertainment, expansion, office furniture, outsourcing services, rentals, vehicles, etc., Net Cash Flow remains available for your use!  The same is true for Personal and Investment expenses as well.  

Q: As a member, how do I benefit?

A: As a seller, increase your business volume by gaining new (extra) customers who are fellow Members of Enhanced Networking. The Exchange directs fellow members to your business or website when these members request your products or service.  Also, you can decrease your out of pocket cash expenses by paying many expenses with your Enhanced Networking currency.  Hold on to your cash flow and have new customers come to you, rather than spending your cash flow and chasing new business!! As a buyer, you can pay for business, personal and investment expenses at cost and pay the difference with your zero cost Credit Dollars.

Q::What is ''Free Money"? 

A: Negotiable Revenue obtained without increasing a business's fixed or variable costs.

Q: What is The Enhanced Networking Exchange?

A: An alliance of businesses and professionals, who exchange their goods/services for part cash and Credit Dollars (Enhanced Networking's Currency) for the goods/services of fellow Members, rather than paying all cash!

Q: How is a transaction handled and what is my cost?

A: The transaction fee, on purchaces is reduced to 10% during your free Trial Period.There is no fee for your sales.  Use The Exchange and build your account at no charge.  

Q: What about taxes?

A: You treat your Enhanced Networking Credit Dollars the same as cash when it comes to taxes.  Call us at (314) 962-9222 for more detailed information.  A 1099b will be issued at year end for reporting on your taxes.  Since 1982, Enhanced Networking has fully met the requirements set up under the TEFRA Act that governs 3rd party record keepers.

Q: What if I want to make a purchase when Enhanced Networking is not open?

A: Our Exchange is on line 24 / 7.  Obtain an authorization at any time.

Q: How is the accounting done? 

A: A statement is mailed or is available on line each month which shows all transactions for the month, i.e. all your sales, purchases, and any fees due the Exchange.

Q: Why should a company or individual join Enhanced Networking?

A: Enhanced Networking can send you additional business for your open time slots on your schedule.  If you have excess inventory,  vacant real estate, or even avaliable seating in restaurants, all these items have value to Members of the Exchange!  You can swap this excess (of unused products or services), for Enhanced Networking Credit Dollars and part cash. When you spend these Credit Dollars on purchaces that would normally require cash, you free up and hold on to your cash dollars.

Q: How does Enhanced Networking put a price tag on the goods and services credited through the system?

A: Members are requested to price their products and services at fair market value, the same as if it were a cash transaction.

Q: Exactly how does Enhanced Networking work?

A: Members with a need for your product or service are referred to you by Enhanced Networking.  When you fill their need, you earn Credit Dollars in the system. You may use those Credit Dollars when you need any of the hundreds of goods and services available through the Exchange.

Q: Do you mean I can use Enhanced Networking and still make a profit?

A: Yes! You exchange your goods and services through the Exchange and your profit margin is the same as in a cash transaction.
Q: How will this effect my present cash business?

A: Just try the 6 month No Risk Trial Period.  If you have a product or service to sell regularly, have good references and you need extra business, you qualify.  You may also use the Exchange as an individual selling miscellaneous items or purchaces or purchasing Credit Dollars at a discount through the Exchange.
Q: What is the future of Enhanced Networking if the economy gets better?

A: While Enhanced Networking works well even in a recession, we expect to do even better in prosperous times because there is even more cash flow to free up.
Q: How can members protect themselves from "over-exchanging"?

A: Balance exchanging until you learn to spend existing Credit Dollars.  We encourage members to go to the Exchange Meetings and learn how to get things they need for Credit Dollars or contact their broker for more information on obtaining a line of credit in order to spend first.
Q: What is the difference between Barter and The Enhanced Network Exchange?
A: Barter is a back-to-back exchanging that requires both parties to be in need of the other party's goods or services. The Enhanced Network Exchange makes avaliable goods and services for part cash and part Credit Dollars which can be used for purchases from other members within or outside the Exchange, similar to what a credit card company does. You are allowed to charge part cash to cover your costs of goods sold, as long as your Credit Dollar account has a positive balance.
Q: Where does the IRS stand on these Credit Exchanges?
A: Because of the monthly statements and other information, the IRS feels that participants affiliated with an organized Enhanced Networking Exchange have a better than average record of tax compliance. Call us at (314) 962-9222 to request more detailed information.
Q: How much Credit Exchange business should a company do at first?

A: A business could use an Enhanced Networking Exchange Referral whenever it doesn't interfere with normal cash business (nonproductive time). A business should charge cash for their "variable cash cost" until they can spend their Credit Dollars faster than they can earn them.
Q: What are some typical company expenses offered by The Enhanced Networking Exchange?

A: Advertising, printing, legal, accounting, employee expenses, auto repair, dental services, computers, copiers, restaurants, etc.
Q: How do Credit Dollars free-up or save cash?

A: Enhanced Networking Credit Dollars are extra business that comes to you as a result of your participation and networking in The Exchange. You are spending Credit Dollars where you would have spent cash.  Happily, you can keep your new found cash as profit!
Q: How long has this type of exchanging been going on?
A: There are business exchanges in New York and California that have been in business over 40 years.
Q: What is meant by the terms "Part Cash" and "Part Credit Dollars"?
A: Enhanced Networking uses this to help new businesses collect their variable cost in cash (part cash) and the markup in Credit Dollars.(part Credit Dollars) 
Q: What is meant by "cash conversions"?
A: This process involves buying a product or service with Credit Dollars and selling it for cash.  You can also cash convert by referring cash business to fellow Enhanced Networking Members.
Q: What precautions should be taken when doing business with an Enhanced Networking member?
A: Check references and treat the member the same as you would in a cash transaction.
Q: If I had a list of 10 product/services I needed, how many can I expect to get?
A: Approximately 5 to 6 at first. You will be able to get more items as new members join The Exchange and your knowledge of The Exchange increases.
Q: How do I know what goods and services are available?
Consult your Enhanced Networking online Directory or call    at 314-962-9222.